Celebration Photography

Sure, everyone you’re inviting has a phone camera. And Uncle Tony has been shoving his SLR in faces at family get-togethers since Miley was Hannah.

But this is no ordinary happening of the everyday. This is an occasion.

You’ve done the hard yards to pull this event together. Now it’s time for you and your guests to settle in and let the good times roll.

Love, joy and connection will be splashed all over your faces. You’ll feel the energy pulsing in the room. But it won’t be possible for you to see it all on the day.

You don’t have to worry though, because your celebration is being candidly captured by your own bespoke photography professional.

Zahrah is someone you trust.

She and her team are completely switched on to the mood and vibe you’re going for. You’ve hired us because we’re led by a fun and curious creative who notices all the things; that sparkle in someone’s eye, the cheeky smile, a deep conversation. 

You know that Z by Zahrah photos will step you into each intimate moment; and that the hero shots of your occasion will shine vibrantly because she’s so adept at putting people at ease. This experience is now yours to hold close forever. 

What have you got planned?

Z by Zahrah offers event photography packages for weddings, engagements, birthdays, sünnets and more. Get in touch to tell us about your celebration.