Portrait Photography

It will seem like yesterday before you know it. And the selfies are not going to cut it as heirlooms.

Sure, they’re going feature prominently in the ‘embarrassing moments’ segment at your kid’s 21st. They might even prompt a few cackles when folks get together for your 50th.

But a family portrait is a whole other kettle of fish. Welcoming your newborn. That first day of school. Becoming a teenager. Life’s milestone moments.

Imagine your children’s grandkids having a bespoke Z by Zahrah family portrait in their hands, a wondrous gift inherited by future generations.

And right here, right now, instead of picking up your device to look at pics (and oops, getting digitally distracted) you can soak up your family in the hallway each day. Maybe your portrait takes pride of place on the mantelpiece at Granny’s. Aw. 

There you are; each of you with your quirks, character and closeness. These formal and candid moments have been astutely observed by an experienced professional with a keen eye and disarming presence.

Z by Zahrah can also deliver compelling headshots for business people or corporate teams. Because no one should upload a LinkedIn profile with their cat. You need authentic personal branding that builds trust, and entices people to work with or buy from you.

So whether it’s a portrait for home or work, Zahrah can deliver the images that capture your personality and make you feel proud to show who you are. 

How do you want to remember today?

Z by Zahrah offers portrait photography packages so your moments in time can be held forever. Get in touch to put your best selves in front of the camera.